Increasing Revenues in a Competitive Web Hosting Market

Despite a dot-com fallout on the tails of overly optimistic forecasts, the web hosting industry continues to grow. The challenge these days for many web hosts, however, is to capture a piece of this growing market and increase revenues in the process.

Massive expansion in the web hosting industry

With the Internet said to be the fastest growing sector in the history of business, the web hosting industry has experienced a massive expansion in only a few years. Fierce competition is already the norm in what is still a fledgling industry.

Revenue increase a rising challenge

With the potential to open a new company with only a few dollars, web hosting is considered the ultimate start-up business, allowing very small hosts to rub shoulders with large, established IT companies. At the same time, unseasoned businesses can find themselves desperate to grow their customer base, and end up competing based on price instead of quality.

Focus on customer conversion to achieve revenue goals

Why improve your web site?

A positive user experience and a strong brand are essential to converting potential web hosting customers.

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Focus your business and stand out from the crowd

Some companies are naturally reluctant to focus their target audience or service offerings, fearing that it will limit their revenues. Marketing experts say that the opposite is true

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Cost vs. ROI

Making the decision to contract with a consulting company to improve customer conversion rates raises the question of cost versus return on investment (ROI).

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See how one Hosting Company saw their revenue take off

After Ceonex developed Website Source's brand and planned a user experience focused on converting prospects to customers, Website Source saw their conversion rates rise to 45% over 8 months!



PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) stayed on schedule and on budget... to release the project ahead of schedule! We look forward to working with PixelBrick (Ceonex, Inc.) on future projects.

Keith Gill,
Vice President,
Marketel Systems LTD.


...outstanding design work and timely implementation...a fabulous website that accurately captures both our mission and spirit...

W. Michael Draper,
NetworkWorld, Inc.


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