Secrets of CRM Success Across a Networks

Organizations making the leap into CRM technology are often faced with vendors trying to sell them an expensive, "complete" enterprise solution based more on product features than on the organization's actual needs. Few vendors will consider small or modular installations. The "all or nothing" approach commonly overwhelms network professionals with unrealistic and often unnecessary demands on the network infrastructure.

Ceonex has developed a proven technology selection and implementation process that is affordable, scalable, low-risk and manageable for network administrators. We are willing to share our methods in order to educate the audience who can benefit most.

This Special Report, titled "Secrets of CRM Success Across A Network", will offer a step-by-step process toward creating a long-term CRM solution that can evolve with changing business objectives and technologies.

Step One

details a holistic organizational needs assessment process that prioritizes the business goals behind the decision to implement CRM.

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Step Two

matches those organizational needs to technical functionality needed to work across networks and business units.

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Step Three

outlines the criteria for choosing a solution and making the build-or-buy decisions for each desired CRM function.

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Step Four

suggests ground rules for working with a technology partner that puts the power in the hands of the network professionals charged with achieving a satisfactory return on their CRM investment.

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